ICT Inventory for Education in Emergencies

Using technology to ensure and improve education in crisis contexts

Using technology to ensure and improve education in crisis contexts

One Globe Kids

One Globe Kids was created in 2009 by Anne Glick to empower parents and educators to share the world with our children. One Globe Kids is a product of Globe Smart Kids, a non-profit social enterprise, determined to help create a bright future for children around the globe.

The One Globe Kids uniquely authentic approach to global education is designed to encourage feelings of interaction and familiarity between children, believing that our children will be kinder, wiser, and happier because they know more about the globe we share.


  • Real-kid stories from around the globe – Told child-to-child with full-color photographs and narration in English, French and Dutch.
  • Introduction to new languages – Each kid-host teaches basic phrases and counting in their own language (Dutch, Kreyol, Kirundi, Hebrew, Arabic…).
  • Interactive, you decide what you want to do: Listen to or read a story; Record and listen to yourself speaking new languages; Tell your new friends about yourself and listen to your recorded conversation; 
  • Put yourself and your friends/family on the globe - visualize where you live compared to your new international friends.
  • Globe-smart facts – learn interesting, kid-friendly facts about each country you visit.
  • Child-friendly navigation – Easy for non-readers by using icons and audio to navigate and listen to the story. If you know how to read, you might like the option to read your friends’ stories without their help. 


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