ICT Inventory for Education in Emergencies

Using technology to ensure and improve education in crisis contexts

Using technology to ensure and improve education in crisis contexts

Interactive Radio Instruction

Malawi primary schools face issues of large classes, high repetition rates, and teachers who resort to lectures and other marginally effective rote learning techniques to teach crowded classrooms. The Malawi Tikwere! (Let’s go up!) program uses interactive radio instruction (IRI) broadcasts to address these issues and bring student-centered instruction to primary schools countrywide.

Working in collaboration with Save the Children, EDC is using its existing organizational structures in Blantyre to design and produce a minimum of 10 audio programs as part of an IRI pilot program for strengthening Early Childhood Development (ECD) in Malawi's Community Based Child Care Centers (CBCCs). During the pilot phase, EDC is overseeing the full development of ECD IRI programs; this includes scriptwriting, studio production, collaboration with Save the Children on pilot roll out, and formative evaluation of lessons. This technical assistance is expected to be the initial step in building a larger and longer-term collaborative partnership between Save the Children and EDC to promote higher quality ECD services through the use of cost effective interactive technologies.

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  • Simon Richmond

    This project summary actually describes two separate projects: Tikwere (IRI for primary schools) covered Standards 1-4 in Malawi schools nationwide. Tiyende (IRI for CBCCs) covered ECD content in a smaller footprint. But both made use of radio, an often overlooked ICT, to deliver high quality instruction at scale and at extremely low per-user costs.

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