ICT Inventory for Education in Emergencies

Using technology to ensure and improve education in crisis contexts

Using technology to ensure and improve education in crisis contexts


BluPoint delivers vital information and services to offline and off-grid remote communities.

BluPoint's patent-pending offline Internet solution comprises cloud based services, content conversion software and resilient low energy servers. BluPoint uniquely enables our customers to distribute their content to all mobile devices (including radios and basic phones), incredibly quickly and on-demand, without data charges to the end user. BluPoint overcomes the barriers of no electricity, no Internet, high costs of data and uniquely leverages the high prevalence of basic mobile devices accounting for 75% of handsets in Sub-Saharan Africa in 2015. We do this by automatically adapting the content and making it available within the location via Bluetooth, FM radio, and Wi-Fi.

The BluPoint solution is founded on five key principles:

  1. The content will work on devices that people have in their pockets. Even devices which don’t support Internet connectivity. Today, in sub-Saharan Africa seventy-seven percent of mobile devices are basic phones, unable to browse the internet. BluPoint bridges this digital divide. It allows even basic phones to display digital content.
  2. BluPoint will work even in areas where the Internet doesn’t exist. BluPoint takes a slice of the Internet, as chosen by our customers, and offlines it onto BluPoint hubs. Deployed as a single hub, or a collection of hubs that form a wireless network.
  3. BluPoint hubs will work in areas with intermittent or no electricity. The efficient hubs can be solar powered or run off other renewable sources. A car battery will even power a hub. This enables easy mobility, hubs can travel to the remotest communities.
  4. The digital content on the hub will be completely free at the point of use. Anyone can access, browse and download the content with no charge. Removing barriers caused by expensive data and broadband. BluPoint hubs are faster than mobile providers, delivering multimedia content faster than 4G.
  5. Content on the hubs is safe, secure and focused. BluPoint hubs deliver a walled garden of content, focused to the needs of the community. This increase’s focus with limited resources to browse. Users will not be subject to harmful content or marketing agendas.


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